Saturday, January 7, 2012

Courtaulds Research

Courtaulds Research A&SF Lab. 1959.

(Links to photos of Spondon, Grimsby, Coventry, Rayon process and more at the end.)
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Electron Spin Resonance c1964

Electron Spin resonance c1954
Sulphonation Pilot Plant c1961
Spondon Research c1956

Spinning Viscose  c1951
Unknown (Spectroscopy?) c1962
Unknown Lab. c1962
Physics Laboratory c1962
Electron Microscope c1970
Unknown - c1975

Viscose Cake Washing trials c1947
Viscose Staple Fibre Pilot Line c1977
Courtelle Polymerisation Experiments c1960
Quantimet Image Analyser c1980
Viscose Tyre Yarn Extrusion Research - c1965

Many more old Courtaulds photos are in:

Courtaulds Viscose Spinning Machinery.
Courtaulds Spondon Photos
Courtaulds Coventry 1915-?
Courtaulds Viscose Rayon Marketing
Courtaulds Viscose Research Building ~1960
Courtaulds Grimsby ~1968

Courtaulds Viscose Spinning Machinery

Photos of spinning equipment will be added here as they surface.

Experimental Continuous Spinning System at Calais - 1951

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Courtaulds Coventry (1915- )

Courtaulds Coventry Foleshill Rd Works c 1915 (The clock tower was built on the far end)

Courtaulds Coventry in 1951: Black lines show land owned

Viscose Rayon Marketing

Stand at the British Exhibition, Copenhagen, September 1948

Tyre Yarn Marketing 1958

Duracol viscose promoted in Lockhurst Lane: 1959


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Courtaulds Viscose Research Lab. c1960

The new VRL built onto the Coventry "Main Works" clock tower in the late 1950's

Demolition of Courtaulds Coventry Main Works entrance prior to building VRL.  (Clock tower on the left)