Sunday, July 15, 2012


Courtaulds new Tencel fibre is produced by a new solvent process followed by new spinning, washing and drying technology. The finished product is highly consistent and free of by-product traces, and is one of the strongest staple cellulosic fibres. It is convertible into added value nonwovens by a variety of production routes. Tencel dry-laid fabrics have been made with half the latex bonding used on viscose, and gave stronger, more absorbent fabrics. Excellent strength properties, particularly in the wet state were achieved by blending Tencel with Hercules T151 polypropylene by thermal bonding. In the hydroentanglement process, Tencel outperformed the stronger polyester fibres. Its performance and possible applications are still being tested. 

Woodings C., Text. Month, Feb. 1989, pp 51-52

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