Thursday, July 19, 2012


Courtaulds Research, the research division of Courtaulds plc, UK, unveiled a programme called Focus Nonwovens at the Textile and Technology Exhibition in Manchester in February 1990. This offers the services of Courtauld's personnel to companies involved in nonwovens. The team has already been involved in extensive consultancy work with the Courtaulds family of businesses such as: Courtaulds Viscose, Tencel, Courtelle, Performance Products and Acetate. 

A range of pilot scale nonwovens development equipment is available for use by clients, to manufacture dry and wet-laid webs, followed by bonding using either heat, latex, hydroentanglement or needling. A Neue Bruderhaus wet lay machine, a Honeycomb hydroentangler and a latex bonding unit are arranged in-line.

Haddad C, Nonwovens Ind. vol. 21, no. 4, Apr. 1990, p. 50

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