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Courtaulds'  Genesis Project, under development for 6 years, has led to a pilot line capable of making 100kg batches, by a non-continuous process, of solvent spun cellulose fibre. Much of the fibre produced has been evaluated on nonwovens equipment at the company's R and D workshops at Coventry, UK. In 1987 larger quantities of the fibre will be available for customer evaluation. The system, based on use of an amino oxide, offers both production and fibre performance advantages, and nonwoven fabrics made from the fibres show promising wet strength and absorbency properties.

Abstract: AnonNonwovens Rep. Int. no. 183, July 1986, pp 3-4

This is the first public reference to Genesis I could find.  If I recall correctly we were talking about it under confidentiality agreements with potential users from late 1985, and later in '86 shipped the first 500kgs from the pilot plant to Holland for a trial at the Chicopee plant in Cuijk.  The chosen technology was card/hydroentanglement (HEF1?) and while the fibre could be processed only at about half normal speed, the resulting fabrics had potential in wipes and medical fabrics (gauze replacements).  John Elves and Derek Rochford were the key personnel in Chicopee at that time.  John Brothers was the Genesis Commercial manager.

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Calvin said...

Pat White reminded me of the first public exposure of the Genesis project at a 1986 press conference in a Stratford on Avon hotel arranged by Viscose Europe to "launch" the new CR nonwovens initiative. I think this release was from that conference along with several others yet to emerge. A boat trip on the Avon was part of the day and I have found one poor photo of one of the boats used which shows Pat, Geoff Blackburn, me and several journalists, most from behind. Peter Lennox Kerr, Lydia Cain are also recognisable among the journalists. There are other photos taken in Courtaulds Research, but the one I recall as best - taken on the steps outside 101 of the whole group seems to be missing. There should also be more photos of more attendees in another boat. Maybe Peter Goodwin was involved as well.