Monday, July 30, 2012

Hydroentanglement of Tencel (1986)

This is the earliest set of results to emerge so far on Genesis in hydroentanglement.  It is from the Sept 1986 "Project Genesis" document and shows the remarkable wet fabric properties obtained on a production line in Chicopee Cuijk and on Courtaulds Research Honeycomb* pilot line. 

*Honeycomb were, before Perfojet started offering machinery a year or two after this, the only supplier for this process.  They had supplied part of the Dupont Sontara hydroentanglement process.  Dupont and Chicopee were the only practitioners of the technology (high pressure water jets entangling a loose web of fibre on a perforated conveyor).  In Japan, Unicharm had developed a low pressure system with no conveyor thus avoiding the Dupont/Chicopee patents.  Courtaulds bought this system and were installing a production line at their BFF nonwoven plant in Bridgwater at this time.

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