Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The Courtaulds Viscose operations are still using Tencel as an example of forward-looking R&D and Lenzing is setting up a solvent-spun cellulose pilot line.  This also contains the first reference to the US Tencel plant.  At this point Lenzing appear to be 4-5 years behind Courtaulds in solvent spun development, but benefit from the knowledge that the NMMO process really can be made to work on a large scale.

European viscose producers are now reaping the benefits of major investment in research and development, process refinements, product development and environmental protection measures. In this article three leading European viscose producers - Courtaulds Fibres Viscose, Kemira Oy Sateri (Finland) and the Austrian company Lenzing AG consider recent developments in the viscose market and future company strategy. Amongst developments Courtaulds Fibres Viscose is researching into fibre finishes as well as new fibres such as the multi-limbed fibre developed under the Galaxy project. The US company Courtaulds Fibres Inc. recently announced the building of the first production plant for Tencel solvent-spun cellulosic fibre at Mobile, USA. Kemira Oy Sateri is now able to produce a chlorine-free viscose fibre in conjunction with Nordic pulp manufacturers. Lenzing AG is setting up a pilot-plant for a solvent spun viscose fibre marked by tenacity ratings on the same levels as synthetic fibres.

Anon, Nonwovens Rep. Int., no. 231, June 1990, pp 20, 23, 25

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