Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pete Laity's patent (1983)

This is the first patent from a search with Courtaulds as the assignee name and "amine oxide" in the text.  The GB Patent had a priority date of June 1982 and the PCT was published in 1983.  The next patent with the same search terms came 10 years later. (I'm using USP's because they're easiest to cut and paste)

United States Patent
LaityApril 8, 1986

Polymer solutions

Shaped articles, such as fibres and films, are obtained from a polymer solution comprising cellulose, a solvent for the cellulose comprising a cyclic tertiary amine N-oxide and water, and a stabilizer for the solution selected from the group consisting of sodium hexametaphosphate, disodium hydrogen phosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, hydroxy-ethylidene diphosphonic acid, aminoethyl diphosphonic acid, and complexes of such compounds with occluded metal ions present in the polymer solution. The stabilizer is present in an amount sufficient to stabilize the solution against thermal degradation which causes loss of solvent and discoloration of solvent and dissolved cellulose.

Inventors:Laity; Peter R. (Keresley, GB2)
Assignee:Courtaulds PLC (London, GB2
Appl. No.:06/579,886
Filed:February 8, 1984
PCT Filed:June 07, 1983
PCT No.:PCT/GB83/00151
371 Date:February 08, 1984
102(e) Date:February 08, 1984
PCT Pub. No.:WO83/04415
PCT Pub. Date:December 22, 1983

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