Tuesday, July 17, 2012


After the textile interests of the original Courtaulds became a separate company, production of viscose, acrylic and acetate fibres remained with the new Courtaulds plc within which is the Courtaulds Fibres Group. This consists of five businesses of which Courtelle (acrylic) and acetate are not widely used in the industrial textiles field, the remaining three are viscose, Tencel and Performance Products. The company is Western Europe's second largest producer of viscose with more than half its production going into the nonwovens and waddings market. A new US plant is to be built to produce Courtaulds solvent spun viscose fibre, Tencel. The Performance Products business produces speciality fibres mostly for industrial uses. The main product groups are the modacrylic, Teklan; the polyacrylate, Inidex; a high modulus acrylic fibre, Sekril and an anti-microbial fibre, Courtek M.

Anon, Tech. Text Mark., no. 2, July 1990, pp 7-22

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