Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tencel debuts as Genesis (1986)

The first public announcement of the Genesis project was in the June 7th 1986 issue of Nonwoven Markets Newsletter, the leading US nonwoven news source at that time.  This has been kindly scanned and sent in by David Allan, Editor, yesterday.  The original was apparently rather yellow and the text has been doubled in size to improve its readability. (Hopefully a better copy will emerge.)

Points to note:
  • Amine oxide is described as a "light duty detergent".
  • Courtaulds say marketing is using a "Scattergun approach"
  • The fibre will target mid to high end cotton apparel, sheeting in home textiles and speciality wipes in nonwovens.
  • 50kg batches of fibre are being made.
  • A larger Coventry pilot line is under construction and due to start in early 1987.
  • Future expansion in the USA "as soon as commercially feasible"
A copy of the original follows.  It was written by the then editor, Lydia Cain, who enjoyed a visit to Courtaulds Research and a Stratford on Avon river cruise (along with several European journalists whose articles have yet to re-appear) at the invitation of Viscose Europe.  Pat White and I gave the presentations on Genesis and nonwovens development respectively.

Click to enlarge: clockwise from Lydia Cain in the port bow: me, Peter Lennox-Kerr, Pat White, ?, ?,Geoff Blackburn, To the left of Lydia, Robin Anson. No others recognisable.

Below is a photo from Courtaulds News sent in by Iain Jack.  On this one Siggy Waegner is standing behind Pat White



Robin Anson said...

Its a great website and a perfect antidote to corporate revisionism!

You have answered my question about the year - 1986. I vaguely remember having received a copy of the photo. I am guessing the person sitting opposite Lydia Cain is me. I certainly had a light suit at that time - before Martin Bell!

Calvin said...

Iain Jack found another photo of the 1986 Stratford launch in an old Courtaulds News and this has now been added.