Sunday, July 15, 2012


Here's the first release which mentions textile as opposed to nonwoven applications.

Tencel, a new cellulose fibre from Courtaulds, is produced from woodpulp by the company's patented solvent spinning route. It offers much higher yarn strengths than previously possible with rayons or even cotton, and its wet strength is almost the same as dry. It has a circular cross-section, making it particularly suitable for the new short staple spinning processes. Tencel is likely to find applications in the production of lighter weight apparel fabrics of superior quality, home furnishings and quality sheetings, and tehnical fabrics. Hydroentanglement produces a lofty, soft handling matt fabric, and thermal bonding also looks promising. Opening and intimate blending with other commercial fibres is easy. Tencel is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Anon, High Performance Text.,vol. 9, no. 7, Jan. 1989, pp 1-4

Since first posting this the original has surfaced and is added below:

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Pauline Chambers said...

I still have and use my 'wear trial' tencel towel which Glyn Raven gave me. Nearly 25 years on, I think it has probably passed Glyn.