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Commercial evaluation of the Tencel solvent spun cellulosic fibre from Courtaulds should be possible by the end of the year following completion of the company's Grimsby extrusion facility, part of the Genesis project. Trials comparing the fibre with viscose fibres report the following properties:
  • stronger stiffer fabrics when bonded under conditions used for viscose rayon, 
  • wet properties better than dry, 
  • firmer handle than regular or high wet modulus viscose, 
  • lower moisture uptake, and more efficient bonding in latex impregnated constructions. 
  • The inherent strength of Tencel could result in fibre economies in some types of dry-laid fabrics.
Tencel is expected to find application in specialised, low-volume nonwovens where performance factors justify the extra cost of the fibre.

Nonwovens Rep. Int. no. 206, May 1988, p. 2

So, do we conclude that Genesis became Tencel in early 88?  

Maybe this one helps with Iain's question in his comment on the
earlier release.

Apart from the "Genesis..forms a new range of clothes" in the ealier release I've found no PR for Genesis in textiles.  Can anyone recall any?

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