Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Viskase Food Casings Patent (1992)

Nine years have elapsed since the last "Courtaulds" and "Amine oxide" patent was filed and this one is from Viskase, reminding us that we jointly developed a food casings film from the Tencel dope for sausage skins. However, there are no Courtaulds personnel among the inventors.  We started patenting soon after this one. Did Viskase encourage us? Did they also use Tencel dope to make a fibre-reinforced film for the wurst casings?

United States Patent
Nicholson ,   et al.January 11, 1994

Method of making a cellulose food casing

A cellulosic food casing formed by extruding a nonderivatized cellulose solution composed of cellulose pulp and an amine solvent into a seamless tube, contacting the inner and outer surfaces of the seamless tube with a nonsolvent liquid to precipitate a tube of nonderivatized cellulose and thereafter contacting the same with a water soluble softener. Apparatus for forming the food casing and a food casing of nonderivatized cellulose also are disclosed.

Inventors:Nicholson; Myron D. (Lemont, IL), Kajiwara; Edward M. (Skokie, IL), Ducharme, Jr.; Paul E. (Tinley Park, IL), McCallister; Merlan E. (Clarendon Hills, IL), Walta; Joseph R. (Lagrange, IL)
Assignee:Viskase Corporation (Chicago, IL)
Courtaulds Fibres Limited (Coventry, GB2
Appl. No.:07/822,506
Filed:January 17, 1992

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