Thursday, August 2, 2012


Note the stated intention to supply pre-blends of viscose and Tencel from Mobile.  Was this related to worries over fibrillation or a desire to offer less expensive bales of unique product to the market?

Courtaulds Engineering Ltd, Coventry, UK, will be the main engineering contractor for the new £47m Courtaulds Fibers Inc., solvent-spun cellulosic fibre plant in Alabama, USA. The facility will be the first full-scale production unit for Tencel fibre; it is being built adjacent to a rayon manufacturing plant. CEL will also provide project management services. By summer 1992 the new plant will have 18,000tpy production capacity, and will supply unblended and pre-blended with rayon Tencel products to the US textiles and nonwoven markets.

Anon., Eur. Chem. News, vol. 55, no. 1449, 26 Nov. 1990, p. 29

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