Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First public presentation of Tencel Nonwovens? - EDANA Index Show Geneva (1987)

This turned up while looking for something completely different for a client.  My earlier 1987 posts bemoaned the absence of press coverage of Tencel in 1987 but I'd clearly forgotten giving a paper at the International Nonwoven and Disposables Exhibition and Conference in Geneva in April that year, and the press appear not to have picked it up.  

It could be the first public paper covering the process and our early work on nonwoven applications with the fibre.  It covers thermal and latex bonding only.  The conclusions from the paper,  written with David A Smith and S.D.J. Williams, are given below:

Development of hydroentangled fabrics was well underway by this time but maybe the confidentiality agreements with companies like Chicopee prevented disclosure of the very good results.

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