Thursday, August 2, 2012


 Preliminary experiments by Courtaulds Research on how different fibres are affected by hydroentanglement systems were continued on a larger scale on a Perfojet line. Several fibre types were used in the trials including the cross-linked polyacrylate Inidex; the rayon fibres Fibro and Viloft; the modacrylic fibre Teklan; and the solvent spun cellulosic Tencel. The resulting fabrics were tested for basis weight, machine-direction and cross-direction tensile strength, wet properties, thickness and absorbency. The conclusions draw together the performance of specific fibres in the hydroentanglement trials. It was confirmed, as earlier studies had indicated, that rayon webs and then solvent-spun cellulosics are the most easily entangled fibres and polyester and acrylics the most difficult. 

Woodings C R., 'Fibers and Binders for Nonwovens', edited by Cain L W, pp 97-106 [San Francisco, CA, USA: Miller Freeman Inc., 1991, 320pp, $297.00 (676.81.05)(9271)]

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