Sunday, August 12, 2012


Lenzing's proprietary Lyocell technology represents an attractive alternative to the conventional viscose process for reasons of cost and environmental protection. The Lyocell fibre represents a new generation of cellulose fibre with new improved properties. Popular in textile applications because of its fibrillation characteristics, Lyocell has also attracted interest from the nonwovens and technical textile sector despite greater interfibre competition. It's low fibrillation tendency makes Lyocell an interesting alternative to cotton and polyester at the value-added end of the market, if sufficient capacities can be provided.

(Drs Marini, Firgo  and Eibl, Paper presented at 32nd International Man-Made Fibres Congress held at Dornbirn, Austria, 22-24 Sept. 1993)

Lenzing mention the low fibrillation tendency of their Lyocell as an advantage despite the fashion for peachskin which is benefiting Tencel.  Here they claim their basic process gives lower fibrillation than Tencel and document work on reducing the fibrillation further.

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