Monday, August 13, 2012

The first Tencel in Hydroentanglement Trial (1985)

The first presentations of Genesis outside Courtaulds Group companies were made during a series of visits to US nonwovens producers between 21/10/85 and 1/11/85.  Such visits were routinely made to Courtaulds North America's viscose customers, usually bimonthly, and usually accompanied by Eric Attle, CNA's Staple Sales Development Manager until his retirement in 1987.  For Genesis we targetted companies with the latest nonwoven technology, especially hydroentanglement and thermal bonding, but also wet-laid producers in view of the Genesis processes's ability to produce tow which for viscose was a premium variant.

From this first series, Johnson and Johnson's Chicopee R&D labs in New Jersey were most enthusiatic and saw the fibre's potential in medical products and wipes.  They wanted the first machine trials to be done at their plant in Cuijk on an MEF 1 (Modified Entangled Fibre) production line.  

As a consequence the first bale of Genesis fibre produced in Coventry would be shipped to Chicopee in Holland in 1986.

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