Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Lenzing appear undecided as to whether fibrillation is a good thing or not

Lyocell fibres are regenerated cellulosic fibres based on the dissolution of cellulose in an organic solvent, wet spinning of the solution into a coagulation bath, and complete recovery of the solvent. Lyocell fibres possess high tensile strength and tensile modulus, and show a high loop and knot strength. The links between the crystallites in the elementary fibrils in the case of Lyocell fibres are shorter and better ordered than with modal viscose fibres, which explains their noted tendency to high fibrillation, particularly in the wet state. As the elementary fibrils are stiffer and less interconnected than with Modal fibres, they are more easily separated by mechanical action. 

 Lenz J; Schurz J., Paper presented at Fibrichem '92 held 24-25 June 1992 at Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, vol. 1, pp 18-23 

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