Friday, August 31, 2012

The Quigley, Jack and Gray Tencel Patent (1993)

United States Patent5,456,748
Quigley ,   et al.October 10, 1995

Premix storage hopper

A premix storage hopper for storing a hot, viscous, paste-like mixture containing cellulose dispersed in a solution of tertiary amine oxide and water, comprises a vertical contain having a central shaft rotatable about a vertical axis and carrying stirring members and heating means for heating side walls of the container.

Inventors:Quigley; Michael C. (Meriden, GB)Jack; Iain R. (Nuneaton, GB), Gray; Gary E. G. (Westwood Heath, GB)
Assignee:Courtaulds Fibres (Holdings) Ltd. (London, GB
Appl. No.:08/067,429
Filed:May 24, 1993

A method of moving a hot viscous pastelike mixture formed in a pre-mixer and containing cellulose dispersed in an amine oxide solvent for the cellulose to a subsequent processing stage without separation of mixture components which comprises introducing said mixture into a storage hopper, retaining the mixture in said hopper while stirring said mixture by a plurality of separate stirring members rotating about a common vertical axis and sweeping out different annular paths spaced throughout the height of the hopper and then pumping said mixture to said further processing stage. 

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