Thursday, September 27, 2012


Susan Gilchrist of The Times was the first to report on SL2 expansion in 1993 and this announcement of SL3 is similary confusing.  (If the original text surfaces it will be posted. Unfortunately I don't have access to The Times archives at present.)

Chemical group Courtaulds have opened a £90m plant at Grimsby to produce the company's revolutionary Tencel fibre. This will create 120 jobs. Pioneered by Courtaulds, Tencel is used in clothing and industrial applications, and the plant is due to start production early in 1997. Eastern Germany was the front-runner in the choice site for the plant, but was narrowly beaten by Grimsby when the Department of Trade and Industry agreed to provide a £10m grant towards funding the plant. The Group expects Tencel to produce annual sales of £450m by the end of the 1990s. Profit and loss figures are listed.

Gilchrist S., The Times, no. 65,120, 24 Nov. 1994, p. 27

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