Monday, September 3, 2012


This seems to be the first announcement of the actual start up of Mobile SL1...

Courtaulds Tencel cellulosic pulp mill in Axis (Alabama, USA) is now operational. It has a capacity of 20,000tpy, and will be supplying the US and South eastern Asia. The fibre can be used in clothing and industrial fabrics. Courtaulds has been operating a 1,500tpy Tencel pilot plant in Grimsby (UK) for the past few years.

 Anon., PPI This Week, vol. 7, no. 29, 3-7 Aug. 1992, p. 4

...while this is the same news a few months later.

Courtaulds plc, UK, is the first company to offer a commercial fibre based on the solvent spinning process. The cellulosic staple Tencel is based on renewable cellulose raw materials and, as its manufacturing process produces virtually no effluent, also finds approval from the environmentally concerned. £100m has been invested in the development of the fibre which has now gone into commercial production at the company's site in Mobile, USA, at an initial annual rate of 20,000 tonnes. Tencel is said to be stronger than rayon and is easy to process and dye.

Anon., High Performance Text., Jan. 1993, pp 1-2

It's probably worth adding that the first commercial production of "Tencel" was in the UK on the Grimsby S25 plant, which, while only ~1500 tonnes/year maximum output, fed the first commercial end-uses in fashion apparel in Japan.

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