Sunday, September 30, 2012

Helen Storey Tencel: The Cashmere of Denim (1992)

Shame about the attribution of fibre development to Courtaulds Textiles, but this mention of Tencel is from the height of the peachskin fashion period.

Helen Storey, who skipped the catwalk for a season, is in touch with her customers. Her nod to the Seventies comprised tongue-in-chic patchwork stripe and paisley high-buttoned jackets, ankle-length waistcoats, and slim, long skirts. Button-front long skirts in an antique flower print contrasted amusingly with 'feminist dresses' with bras sewn into the garments.

The most covetable pieces, however, are her leather and denim classics, including black leather waistcoats decorated with cuff-links and super-soft denim shirts. The latter use Tencel, a new fibre developed by Courtaulds Textiles which has already been dubbed the 'cashmere of denim'.

Roger Tredre, The Independent, 15th Oct 1992

The ads below were the first to appear in a Tencel garments search and are - what a coincidence - from Ron Hill, an ex Courtaulds (Droylesden?) man and famous marathon runner.  His company now uses Tencel in sportswear.  Click on the photos to read more.

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