Saturday, September 22, 2012


This paper looks at the development of Courtaulds Fibres' solvent spun cellulosic fibre Tencel. Tencel is the first commercially available cellulosic in the new lyocell classification. The first Tencel plant has been in operation in the US since 1992 supplying Tencel fibre to the major markets of the US, Europe and Japan. A major property of Tencel is its high modulus both in the wet and dry state which is determined by the fibrillar structure of the fibre. The strength of Tencel allows for effective blending with other fibres and leads to  high fabric stability. By selecting specific processing and finishing conditions, a large variety of different features such as handle, yarn regularity and fluidity can be imparted to the fabric.

James J.,  Paper presented at Microfibres - the State of the Art and their Future held at Ghent, Belgium, 19-20 Oct. 1993, 6 pp 

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