Sunday, September 9, 2012


The loss made by Lenzing AG in 1992 remained within bounds. Turnover in the previous year was ASch657m, down ASch80m on 1990. Although costs have since then been more carefully controlled, turnover is likely to fall to ASch600-650m in 1993. Price measures and currency changes are causing difficulties. Neusiedler Papierfabrik is converting and marketing 100% recycling paper produced by Lenzing under the brandname Nautilus. Worldwide, Lenzing is the largest producer of viscose fibre with mills in Austria, Indonesia and the USA. Investments are going ahead in Brazil. Decisions on proceeding with the production of a new kind of high quality fibre using the Lyocell technology have yet to be reached. 

 Bauer V, 
Pap. Osterreich, no. 6, 1993, pp 24-25

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