Saturday, September 22, 2012


A rare mention of the Akzo invention of lyocell fibre and an early mention of Lenzing licencing the Akzo technology presumably to accelerate their commercialisation of the fibre.  (Lenzing's acquired the BASF viscose plant - formerly Akzo - in Lowland Tennessee, which they modernised at a cost of ~$90m.)

Moririn Co. Ltd of Japan has acquired exclusive rights to import solvent spun cellulosic fibre from Lenzing AG into Japan. The fibre competes with Tencel fibres from Courtaulds and produces no pollution during manufacture, as solvents used may be recovered completely after extrusion. It is suitable for use where wet strength is important (e.g. medical applications), for battery separators and pre-moistened wipes. It has excellent dyeing capabilities. It was developed under licence from Akzo Fibers BV of Holland, holder of the basic patent, and will be launched in Japan in 1994. The fibre is profiled and has micro-crimps, which improve elasticity and smoothness when woven. Moririn also acquired exclusive import rights for high wet modulus cellulosic fibre.

Anon., Nonwovens Mark., vol. 8, no. 12, 4 June 1993, p. 8

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