Monday, September 10, 2012

Wykes, Quigley Patent (1993)

United States Patent5,526,840
Wykes ,   et al.June 18, 1996

Emergency dump tank for congealable materials 

A dump tank for receiving congealable material vented from a chemical process, the dump tank having two access doors covering two access ports, both doors being openable for cleaning purposes so that congealable material vented into the tank can be pushed out of one access port from the other port.

Inventors:Wykes; Katharine A. (Wellesbourne, GB), Quigley; Michael C. (Meriden, GB)
Assignee:Courtaulds Fibres (Holdings) Limited (London, GB2
Appl. No.:08/066,999
Filed:May 24, 1993
By the present invention there is provided an emergency dump tank for the retention of a congealable material, said tank having defining walls and at least one entry line for said material and a vapour vent line, said vent line being connected to a vapour exit port located in the upper region of said dump tank and having a vent exit open to the atmosphere, a seal to prevent the atmosphere entering said tank via said vapour vent line during non-emergency rest conditions of said tank, said seal being openable under the action of pressure in said dump tank so as to permit said vapour exit to be in gaseous communication with said surrounding atmosphere, an inert atmosphere being maintained in said tank in use, there being at least two openable access ports in said walls so as to permit congealable material in said tank to be removed from said tank by opening both of said access ports so that material can be pushed out of one of said ports via the other of said ports.

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