Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Can Tencel take on Rayon? (1995)

This Wall St Journal article is hardly legible in scanned form below, but it contains some quotes worth preserving:
  • "Courtaulds makes some pretty dull stuff".
  • Tencel: "In the next 5 years its going to explode".
  • 1995 prices: Polyester 70c, cotton 80c., rayon 95c., Tencel 180c.
  • Courtaulds expects Tencel sales to reach $5bn/year.
  • Regarding the foray into fashion: "I'm not sure I understand this...I'm a chemical engineer" (Gordon Campbell)
  • Burlington/Klopman: "Fabric requires slow and costly manufacturing". "It will be a challenge for Courtaulds to meet forecasts"
  • Lenzing, who are suing Courtaulds for patent infringement in New York, thinks the fibre "will remain a high priced niche of under 100,000 tonnes".
  • Levi's: "This fabric has some definite potential"

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