Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Courtaulds/Akzo JV: NEWCELL continuous filament lyocell (1995)

Akzo Nobel Fibres' sales and operating income improved in 1994 largely as a result of increased productivity. The company shed about 10% of its workforce and has rationalised its fibres activities into 5 business units of industrial fibres, textile fibres, aramid products, nonwovens and Membrana which produces speciality medical membranes. In Europe the company is withdrawing from staple polyester production and is concentrating textile filament production into Kuagtextil, a joint venture with Textilwerke Deggendorf. Akzo Nobel has also commissioned a pilot plant for Newcell solvent-spun filament based on lyocell and has a development agreement with Courtaulds for joint venture production. There are also production capacity expansions planned for Twaron aramid in the Netherlands, Colback nonwoven textiles in the US and tyre yarn facilities in the US and Brazil. 

Anon., Eur. Chem. News, vol. 63, no. 1662, 10-16 Apr. 1995, p. 18

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