Monday, October 22, 2012

Tencel: £15 million profit expected: Collaboration with Akzo, Asahi on Newcell (1996)

The high performance cellulose fibre lyocell has great potential in the textile industry with supply currently unable to keep up with demand. Most of the 43,000tpy of lyocell produced is made in the traditional staple version, Tencel, by Courtaulds in two plants in the US. This production is to increase to 55,000tpy by the end of 1997 by which time a new 42,000tpy production plant in the UK will also have come on stream. Profit from Tencel sales is expected to earn Courtaulds £15m in profits in 1996. 

In a collaborative agreement with Courtaulds, Akzo Nobel is developing Newcell, a continuous filament version of lyocell. Both companies are participating with Asahi in an evaluation of the Japanese market for Newcell. Lenzing, Austria, is planning to bring a 42,000tpy lyocell staple production plant on line in 1997. 

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