Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tencel Kai: Expanding Lyocell in Japanese market (1996)

Here "Lyocell" is being used as a brand name rather than generic and maybe because "Courtaulds Lyocell" was our brand for industrial products the writer assumes Lenzing's Lyocell is for industrials too.  It would be good to know more about the "Tencel Association" or Kai formed by Mr Omori to launch Tencel in Japan.  Comments on how this worked would be great!

Demand for Tencel and Lyocell fibres in Japan is rising as a result of increased wholesale and retail sales of garments containing Tencel (particularly jeans, where demand has exceeded expectations). Courtaulds Fibers Inc, USA, currently produces 43,000tpy of the fibres and Toyoshima Co Ltd imports Tencel fibres for subsequent processing by Tencel Association members. Lyocell, used for industrial products, is also being manufactured by Lenzing AG of Austria on a semicommercial scale and full scale production of 24,000tpy is expected to commence in 1997. Lenzing AG also produces Lenzing Modal, for which demand in 1996 is anticipated to remain at 1995 levels (3,000tpy). Group development projects for Modal jeans are in progress among Japanese manufacturers; Unitika Ltd is exploring applications for Lyocell.

Anon.,  JTN., no. 498, May 1996, p. 52

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