Monday, October 22, 2012

Tencel: The Skunk that Smells Sweet (1992)

I'd filed the article which follows without labelling it.  It looks like a Financial Times font and is probably based on an interview given by Sipko Huismans shortly before SL1 started up in 1992. It contains several memorable quotes:

"God really is a viscose man and he'll look after his own"
Tencel uses a process that isn't secret at all: "Every chemistry student knows cellulose dissolves in amine oxide"
" Ultimately, the capital cost of [Tencel] will be less than making viscose environmentally friendly"

Origin - Began as  a skunk works in Viscose Research in the mid '70's.
Why Mobile? - Customers. Once the Japanese start using it the US will follow.
The Market - "It's for Ferrari drivers" and then at the end of the article "perhaps Britain has too few Ferrari Drivers" 
Profitability - Break even next year, then revenues of £45m pa, but one analyst said "It could be a white elephant".



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