Thursday, November 29, 2012

An Upbeat Release: Courtaulds Looks Ahead (1996)

Courtaulds' Tencel fibre looks set for a buoyant year after CEO Sipko Huismans said: 'We cannot keep up with demand.'

Production is underway in Grimsby, UK, and Mobile, Alabama, and capacity is set to top 100 000 tonne/year by end-1997. 'Tencel holds about 0.1% of the world fibre market but its potential is huge,' he said.

Courtaulds this year won a patents dispute with Lenzing over Tencel - a decision is still under appeal in the US. 'We do not fear another competitor,' said Huismans. 'Two producers would expand the market faster than one.'

Last year Tencel was in the black for the first time and is set to make significant turnover and profit gains this year. However, Tencel's success was offset by other divisions.

27 May 1996 [Source: ICB]

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