Sunday, November 11, 2012

Courtaulds Lyocell for Technical Textiles (1995)

The print media go relatively quiet on fashion applications for Tencel in 1995 but the launch of Courtaulds Lyocell for technical applications at TechTextil in June that year keeps the fibre in the trade press.  A wide range of applications were under development and begin to get mentioned.  Here printers blankets, artificial suedes, abrasive substrates, flame retardant clothing, workwear, protective clothing, Ventile fabrics, shoe construction, high opacity papers, filler retention aids, coating bases, filter papers, map papers, cigarette filters, absorbtive textiles and composite reinforcements appear.  The mysterious technical breakthrough which should raise the Mobile plant's productivity by 30% also gets an airing.  Did Mobile ever get to 55,000 tpy under Courtaulds?  

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