Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fibrillated Tencel for Biodegradable Ultra-low Tar Cigarette Filters (1994)

Tencel for technical textiles and nonwovens was launched as Courtaulds Lyocell  in 94-95 to avoid the Tencel brand being contaminated with unfashionable end-uses such as this one.  At that time the board also felt that with the Lenzing Lyocell brand being used for the forthcoming Lenzing launch, the use of a similar name from Courtaulds would be a good tactic.

From Technical Textiles International - December 94 (Peter Lennox-Kerr)

There were many such applications where the fibrillation of Tencel could add value to nonwovens, special papers and technical textiles, and many of these had been discovered in the late 80's when the basic fibre was easy to fibrillate and these markets were to be the first target for Tencel.  However the early 90's decision to switch emphasis to fashion apparel meant the process and new production lines were optimised to minimise fibrillation, and the basic "Courtaulds Lyocell" fibre became harder to fibrillate for technical applications.

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