Sunday, November 4, 2012

Genencor and Courtaulds collaborate on enzyme treatment of Tencel (1996)

A reminder of how important enzyme finishing was to the early success of Tencel in apparel.  The enzymes dissolved the fibre "cuticle" and some amorphous cellulose to allow the fibrillar structure to be raised into a microfibre surface.

Following initial agreement in March 1995, an R and D collaboration between Genencor and Courtaulds Fibres to develop enzyme products to treat Courtaulds' lyocell fibre, Tencel, has been extended for two years. The companies aim to produce more distinctive and cost effective fabrics by exploiting the fibrillation qualities of these cellulosic fibres. Both companies will comarket Genencor enzymes to fabric processors all round the world.

 Anon., Eur. Chem. News, vol. 66, no. 1734, 30 Sept.-6 Oct. 1996, p. 14 (P)

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