Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tencel: Patent disputes, Postured take-overs and Enthusiasm. (1995)

This is from European Chemical News and is based on an interview with David Wilkinson in September 1995.

Notable points:
  • Strategy is to concentrate on lyocell rather than viscose.
  • "We envisage the viscose business will stay about the same size as today until in the longer term we will see some decline ... in favour of Tencel"
  • Courtaulds has 5-year lead on Lenzing and will complete its 3rd plant as Lenzing start up the first.
  • "It is most unlikely that any producer [of lyocell] could move into the Far East ahead of us."
  • Courtaulds might be interested in a stake in Lenzing but "such a deal would be likely to fall foul of the EU and US competition legislation."
  • Lenzing stress the benefits of integrated pulp production, but Courtaulds say selling the SAICCOR pulp operation does not disadvantage Tencel.

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