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Innovation: Product Development with Tencel (1985-94)

Work with potential customers started in secret in October 1985 based on Coventry pilot plant Tencel.  All the developments to 1994 were organised by Courtaulds Research in conjunction with sales offices outside the UK and Tencel sales. 
There's a bias to nonwovens and technical textiles here because I have little information on the development of apparel textiles. Comments and additional information from those involved is welcome as always!

Products:  Hydroentangled dry-laid nonwovens, woven Tencel gauze
Markets:  Surgical Swabs (cotton gauze replacement)
Partners:  Chicopee USA,  Johnson and Johnson
Key Players:  Alton Bassett, Eric Attle (CNA)
Products:  Hydroentangled Coverstock (Topsheet)
Markets:  Diapers, Femcare
Partners:  Unicharm (Japan)
Key Players:  Migaku Suzuki,
Products: Hydroentangled Nonwovens
Markets:  Disposable Wipes
Partners:  Chicopee NV, Johnson and Johnson
Key Players:  Derek Rochford, John Elves
Products: Thermal bonded nonwovens
Markets:  Interlinings
Partner:  BFF Nonwovens
Key Players:  Taki Tyropolis, Bill Kennard
Products: Thermal bonded nonwovens
Markets:  Wipes
Partners:  J W Suominen
Key Players: Jorma Suominen, Esa Paltaala
Products:  Wet-laid nonwovens/Special Papers
Markets: Abaca replacement, tea-bags, food casings
Partners: JR Crompton (UK)
Key Players: Brian Tomkinson, Ivan Gbur
Products: Wet-laid nonwovens
Markets: Drapes/Gowns/Central Sterilising Room Wrap
Partners:  Dexter USA
Key Players: Alan Meierhofer
Products: Latex bonded nonwovens
Markets:  Disposable Wipes
Partners:  International Paper,
Key Players:  Zoltan Mate, Eric Attle (CNA)
Products: Thermal bonded (Powder Bonding)
Markets:  High Loft absorbents
Partners:  Bonar Carelle
Key Players:  ?
Products: Wet-Laid Nonwovens
Markets:  Wet-Wipes (Viscose replacement - low odour)
Partners:  Stora Kopparberg
Key Players:  Stefan Fors, Peter Fredericks
Products:  Modified Apertured Fabrics
Markets:  "J-Cloths" (polyester replacement), Swabs
Partners:  Johnson and Johnson (Canada)
Key Players:  Errol Tan
Products:  Hydroentangled Nonwovens
Markets:  Surgical drapes and gowns (polyester replacement)
Partners:  Chicopee USA,  Johnson and Johnson
Key Players:  Alton Bassett, Eric Attle (CNA)
Products: Tampons
Markets:  Femcare
Partner:  Johnson and Johnson (Germany)
Key Players:  Fritz Weinstrauch, Rolf Altdorf
Products: Tampons
Markets:  Femcare
Partner:  Tambrands (USA)
Key Players:  Ken Merrill, Eric Attle (CNA)
Products: Dry-Laid Nonwovens - various bonding
Markets:  Interlinings
Partner:  Freudenberg (Germany)
Key Players:  Gerhard Schaut, Johannes Knocke
Products:  Hydroentangled Nonwovens
Markets:  Surgical Dressings (cotton and polynosic replacement)
Partners:  Unicharm (Japan)
Key Players:  Migaku Suzuki, Kunihiko Tozaki (CJL)
Products:  Flame Retardant Tencel
Markets:  Workwear
Partners:  Albright and Wilson(UK)
Key Player:  David Cole, Les Pearson
Products: Dry Laid Thermal Bonded
Markets:  Floppy Disc Liners
Partners:  Freudenberg
Key Players:  Holger Buchwald
Products: Dry-Laid Latex Bonded
Markets:  Battery Separators
Partners:  BFF
Key Players:  Andrew Kelly
Products: Hydroentangled Coverstock
Markets:  Diapers/Femcare
Partner:  Kendall/International Paper
Key Players:  Drew Horn
Partner: J&J Personal Products
Key Player:  Beth Stern
Products:  Paper
Markets:  Security Papers
Partners:  Portals (UK), Tumba Bruk (Sweden)
Key Player:  Paul Howland,
Products: Wet-Laid Hydroentangled
Markets:  Industrial Wipes
Partners:  Molnlycke (Holland)
Key Player: Bernt Johannsen

(1990's developments follow)

Products:  Dry-Laid hydroentangled (15 gsm 100% Tencel)
Markets:  Ultrasoft Diaper and Femcare Topsheets
Partners:  Veratec (USA)
Key Player:  Nick Simpson, Drew Horn,
Products:  Paper/Tissue
Markets:  Reinforced  Papers (polyester replacement)
Partners:  Kimberly Clark (USA)
Key Player:  ?,
Products:  Fluffing Pulp Reinforcement
Markets:  Air-laid Nonwovens, Absorbent cores
Partners:  Stora 
Key Player:  Stefan Fors
Products:  Latex Bonded Nonwovens
Markets:  Fabric Softner Sheets (polyester replacement)
Partners:  Veratec (USA)
Key Players:  Steve Lengyel,
Products:  Dispersible Paper
Markets:  Embroidery backing (PVA replacement)
Partners:  J C Binzer (Germany)
Key Players:  Neil Foster, ?
Products:  Cigarette Papers
Markets:  Cigarette Filters
Partners:  Schoeller and Hoesch (Germany)/Filtrona
Key Players:  Neil Foster, Balz Miller, Dick Shepherd
Products:  Wet-Laid Nonwovens
Markets:  Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags (polyester replacement)
Partners:  Gessner (Germany)
Key Players:  Neil Foster, Albert Klimmek,

Products:  Needled/Wet-Felted Felts
Markets:  Traditional Felts (wool replacement)
Partners:  Fytisa (Spain)
Key Player:  Jose Betorz,
Products:  Tea-bag Paper
Markets:  Lightweight transparent bags
Partners:  J R Crompton (UK)
Key Player:  Brian Tomkinson,
Products:  Carboxymethylated Tencel ("Super Nova")
Markets:  Superabsorbent for Tampons
Partners: Tampax (USA)
Key Player:  Tony Butterworth, Hardev Bahia
Products:  Cigarette Tow
Markets:  Ultra low tar filters (acetate replacement)
Partners:  Philip Morris (USA)
Key Player:  Bill Edwards, Jerry Johnson
Products:  Filled Paper
Markets:  Soft gaskets (clay carrier)
Partners:  Hollingsworth and Vose (USA)
Key Player:  Randall Rogers,
Products:  Paper
Markets:  Security paper (cotton/linen replacement)
Partners:  Crane (USA)
Key Player:  Pat Opper
Products:  Wet-laid Hydroentangled
Markets:  Flushable Wet-wipes
Partners:  Dexter (USA)
Key Player:  Helen Viazmensky, Jerry Johnson
Products: Needlefelt
Markets:  Yellow dusters (viscose replacement)
Partners:  Kahnes (Germany)
Key Player:  Neil Foster, Herr Steinaecker
Products:  Dry Laid Hydroentangled
Markets:  Durable wipes (Chamois replacement)
Partners:  Dupont (USA)
Key Player:  Jim Summers,
Products:  Wet-laid/hydroentangled (pulp reinforcement)
Markets:  Diaper "textile" backsheet
Partners:  Veratec (USA)
Key Player:  Nick Simpson, Zoltan Mate

Products:  Paper
Markets:  Loudspeaker cones
Partners:  Dr Kurt Muller (Germany)
Key Player:  Fritz Busch
Products:  Pre-fibrillated Short Cut
Markets:  Papermaking
Partners:  Schwarzwaelder (Germany)
Key Player:  Herr Schoch

Products:  Kieselguhr Paper
Markets:  Beverage Filters
Partners:  Seitz Filter Werke (Germany)
Key Player:  David Cole, Neil Foster, Rudiger Leibnitz
Products:  Filled Papers (High titania)
Markets:  Photograph print paper
Partners:  Felix Schoeller (Germany)
Key Player:  Neil Foster, Claudia Schmidt
Products:  Membranes
Markets:  Filtration
Partners:  Schleicher and Schuel (Germany)
Key Player:  Neil Foster, Richard Mc Donagh
Products:  Felts (Traditional and Nonwoven)
Markets:  Laundry machinery fabrics
Partners:  Technical Textiles Lorrach (Germany)
Key Player:  David Cole, Neil Foster, Joseph Hummelbrum
Products:  Paper
Markets:  Fancy Wrapping Paper
Partners:  Tokushu Paper (Japan)
Key Player:  Kunihiko Tozaki, Mr Hattori
Products:  Paper
Markets:  Double Layer Electrolytic Capacitor Dielectric
Partners:  Nippon Kodoshi (Japan)
Key Player:  Kunihiko Tozaki, Mr Ueta
Products:  Paper
Markets:  Battery Separator
Partners:  Molza Corporation (Japan)
Key Player:  Kunihiko Tozaki, Mr Mizutani
Products:  Paper
Markets:  Battery Separator
Partners:  Kuraray (Japan)
Key Player:  Kunihiko Tozaki, Mr Hayashi
Products:  Paper
Markets:  Battery Separator
Partners:  Daifuku Seishi (Japan)
Key Player:  Kunihiko Tozaki, Mr Hinoo
Products:  Paper
Markets:  Automotive Filters (micro-glass replacement)
Partners:  Toyo Tokushi (Japan)
Key Player:  Kunihiko Tozaki, Mr Ezure
Products:  Paper
Markets:  Phenolic and Polyester composites (Printed circuit boards)
Partners:  Matsushita Denko (Japan)
Key Player:  Kunihiko Tozaki, Mr Kontani
Products:  Wet-laid Hydroentangled
Markets:  Artificial Leather surface layer
Partners:  Mitsubishi Rayon (Japan)
Key Player:  Kunihiko Tozaki, Kimio Nagata
Products:  Paper
Markets:  Automotive Filters (micro-glass replacement)
Partners:  Toyo Tokushi (Japan)
Key Player:  Kunihiko Tozaki, Mr Ezure
Products: Courtaulds Lyocell HF100 fibre
Markets: Papermaking and Hydroentanglement where the standard fibre was too hard to fibrillate.  This was an attempt to correct for the reductions in fibrillation that had occurred as the fibrillation "problem" in textiles was progressively solved.
Key Players: ?

Products:  Air-laid Pulp reinforcement
Markets:  Disposable wipes
Partners:  Walkisoft (Germany)
Key Player:  Neil Foster, Tapio Niemi
Products:  Security paper
Markets:  Currency
Partners:  Tumba Bruk (Sweden)
Key Player:  Tore Sundberg
Products:  Foam-Laid Hydroentangled
Markets:  Industrial Wipes
Partners:  Molnlycke Tissues
Key Player:  Bernt Johannsen
Products:  Filter paper
Markets:  Oil and Fuel filters
Partners:  Toyo Tokushi (Japan)
Key Player:  Tomoko Gondow, Mr Kujira,  Mr Tanaka (Sansho Trading)
Products:  Cigarette Paper
Markets:  Filters
Partners:  Rothmans (UK)
Key Player:  Dick Shepherd (Filtrona)
Products:  Cigarette Paper
Markets:  Plug Wrap
Partners:  Japico (Japan)
Key Player:  Tomoko Gondow, Mr Hirano
Products:  Filter paper
Markets:  Oil and Fuel filters
Partners:  Toyo Tokushi (Japan)
Key Player:  Tomoko Gondow, Mr Kujira,  Mr Tanaka (Sansho Trading)
Products:  Wet Laid hydroentangled
Markets:  Artificial Leather
Partners:  Daiwabo Create (Japan)
Key Player:  Tomoko Gondow, Mr Yoshitugo Hirata
Products:  Dry Laid hydroentangled
Markets:  Disposable surgical Fabrics
Partners:  Nisshinbo (Japan)
Key Player:  Tomoko Gondow, Mr Kaihatsu
Products:  Sanitary Paper
Markets:  Acquisition/Distribution Layer
Partners:  Inogami (Japan)
Key Player:  Tomoko Gondow, Mr Matseki

During 1994, the CR nonwovens and technical products market development activity was transferred to the Tencel division and the "Courtaulds Lyocell" brand was created.  Developments from here on are at

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