Monday, February 18, 2013

Lenzing's purchase of Tencel approved by Austrian authorities (2005)

LONDON (CNI)--Lenzing’s bid to acquire the Tencel cellulose fibres group has finally been approved by the Austrian Cartel Court, the Austrian fibres group said Wednesday.

The deal was originally announced in May 2004, subject to regulatory approval. Provisional agreement for the takeover had been given by the Austrian anti-trust authorities in February 2005 on the basis that a number of conditions and restrictions would be met by Lenzing.

These were addressed by the company and, it said in a statement: “The anti-trust authorities had no objections to releasing the modified project.”

By: Mark Whitfield

13 April 2005 16:46 [Source: ICIS news]

Chronologically Mark marks the end of our story.  Game over.  

We will however fill in some details for the Year folders, hope for more comments from those involved, more "Likes" and "+1's", add any news as it appears, and tidy up.

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Khoa lol said...

Hello, I'm a Chemical Engineering student doing a plant design project on the product Lyocell, or Tencel. I was wondering at what quantities are the cellulose and nmmo when mixed? Say when you mix cellulose and nmmo in a tank is it a 1:1 ratio? 1.2:1? I know the composition of the dope is around 15% cellulose 10% water and 75% Nmmo.