Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tencel Sales by Region 92-98 (1998)

This graph of actual Tencel sales prepared in 1998 illustrates the collapse referred to in an earlier post .

At a time when the Mobile plant capacity was said to be 55000 tpy, and the new Grimsby plant was due to add a further 42000 tpy, actual sales in the first quarter of 98 were only 5800 tons/quarter or at a 23,200 tonne/year rate.  Lenzing had 12,000 tonnes capacity and had postponed starting up the other stream at Heiligenkreuz.

First quarter 1995 caused consternation also with an annual sales rate of less than 3200 tonnes.  

However taking the long view (which was hard at the time!) smoothing out the noise gives a nice upward trend suggesting 60,000 tpy sales by 2004/5.

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