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Tencel in Courtaulds Annual Reports (1996-97) Part 2

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Our strategic objectives are to build Tencel, our pioneering new lyocell fibre, into a leading fibre throughout the world ...and [especially] in the fast-growing Asia Pacific region.
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Tencel demand continues to climb. European plant on schedule for Autumn 1997.
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Tencel: Radical new lyocell fibre with exceptional qualities of strength, absorbency and softness for a wide range of fashion apparel.  Also Courtaulds Lyocell for industrial, medical, hygienic and other applications.  Plants in the USA and from October 1997, UK.
In Fibres and Chemicals..
Despite the successful commissioning of a second plant in Mobile, Alabama' more than doubling annual capacity to 43,000 tonnes, Tencel had difficulty in keeping up with demand. The volume of sales rose strongly over the previous year and operating results moved firmly into profit despite increased development and marketing expenditure, which is being incurred to establish a global franchise for the Tencel brand.

The development of a range of fibre variants to meet the growing interest in Tencel and Courtaulds Lyocell (for industrial and technical applications) is progressing well. New techniques for dyeing and finishing TenceL fabrcs are advancing rapidly, assisted by close working relationships with machinery manufacturers and chemical and dyestuff suppliers. ln this area the collaboration between Tencel Research and Technology and the Tencel Kai (the group of Japanese textile and apparel manufacturers who are working together on Tencel's development) in Japan is paying valuable dividends.

Tencel garments are now being actively promoted at retail level in 31 countries worldwide. Close partnerships with innovative textile manufacturers in every region are helping to increase the range and variety of Tencel fabrics available to garment makers. While Japan led the way, recent progress in Europe has been particularly encouraging in this regard.

Construction of Tencel's first European plant at Grimsby is on schedule and production will begin there in October. Planning for the next phase of Tencel's expansion, involving the construction of a 50,000 tonne plant in Asia, is at an advanced stage.

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