Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tencel in Courtaulds Annual Reports (1992-93)

In "Chairmans Statement"
...Best of all, Tencel came of age with the commissioning in Mobile Alabama of the first major plant.  The origins of Tencel go back to the late 1970's and over the years since then those responsible for its development have nurture it with a skill and confidence which have owed much to Courtaulds massive experience with cellulosic fibres and technology since the start of the century. Tencel is now a product with a very exciting potential...
In "Chief Executives Review"
However the most important event of the year has undoubtedly been the successful start-up of the Tencel plant in Mobile, formally opened on 2 December 1992. Initial market reception of the product matches, or even exceeds, expectations and a key decision in the coming year will be the timing and scope of investment in further capacity in this core area.  The credit due to all those who have made this success possible cannot be overstated.
In "Fibres and Films"
Tencel, the new solvent spun cellulosic fibre, was commissioned on schedule at the Courtaulds Fibers facility in Alabama.  By the end of the year it was running at 80% of nameplate capacity, and such was the interest in the fibre that demand outstripped supply.  Tencel is capable of producing effects which are not available in other fibres and this, combined with high processing efficiencies is stimulating great interest amongst innovative customers.  In the final quarter, 50% of Tencel fibre was exported, principally to Japan, and Tencel was operating profitably.  

In Japan a consortium of textile mills focussed the development of Tencel into fabrics for fashion apparel.  A key feature has been the wide use of finishing techniques to develop a variety of fabrics with unique aesthetic effects.  Market reaction has been excellent and Tencel is leading the 1993 Spring/Summer collections.

N.B There was no "Research and Technology" section in this report.

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