Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tencel in Courtaulds Annual Reports (1990-91)

More Tencel extracts from the Courtaulds Annual Reports.  From this point on, Tencel project news becomes an increasing factor in Courtaulds share price:

under "Chairman's Statement" 
...Significant examples (of investing for organic growth) during the year have been further investment commitments to the new Tencel fibre... (Christopher Hogg will be replaced as CEO by Sipko Huismans on Aug 1st 1991)
under "Fibres and Films"
Market development of Tencel, the new solvent spun cellulose fibre, continued in the US, Europe and Japan, and work started on the first commercial scale Tencel plant, adjacent to the existing viscose rayon factory in Mobile.  

Tencel is not mentioned under "Research and Technology" but some Tencel pipework appears in a full page photo (above) which also features Anne Ronchetti in a hard-hat.  The caption reads The product of sustained and successful work by Courtaulds Research, the first full-scale Tencel solvent spun cellulosic fibre plant is now under construction in Mobile, Alabama. Offering a huge advance environmentally, the project involves close collaboration between Courtaulds Fibres, Courtaulds Research and Courtaulds Engineering, both in North America and, as here, at the pilot plant in Grimsby England.  N.B. the flow sheet in the photo is labelled Tencel Mobile - SL1.

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