Friday, January 17, 2014

Tencel or Lyocell in Bed-linen (2014)

Having just bought sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers with a "lyocell/cotton" label  (50/50) at IKEA in Coventry it was interesting to read this press release from Lenzing.  Do IKEA see no value in using the "Tencel" brand or are they getting "lyocell" at a lower price?  Whatever the fibre, the new sheets do feel superior.

The TENCEL® fiber is used in many applications centering on beds – starting with mattresses and mattress covers through to comforters and bed linens. When used in bed linens, the TENCEL® fiber properties are shown off to particular advantage. Since the fabric is in direct contact with the skin,comfort is enhanced by TENCEL®’s excellent skin-sensory properties and superior moisture management. The advantages of TENCEL® bed linens are appreciated by the global end consumer and can be further extended. More than 100 manufacturers have TENCEL® bed linens in their product lines and are certified according to Lenzing’s quality criteria. “The greater share of manufacturers, 70% comes from Asia and 30% of the manufacturers are from Europe and Turkey.