Friday, June 6, 2014

Tencel in Lenzing Annual Report (2004)

The report for the year Lenzing acquired Tencel contains an acknowledgement of the contribution made immediately by Courtaulds Tencel staff.

From the Chairman's Statement...

The third milestone of the 2004 business year was the take-over of the Tencel group of companies*). With Tencel the Lenzing Group has become the leading manufacturer of cellulose fibers worldwide. This step has helped us secure our world-market position on a long-term basis. We will now further improve the Lyocell technology for our customers, last but not least because it is a technology for the future, due to its compatibility with the environment. 

Moreover, Lenzing is now the only global supplier that accommodates all important qualities and types of cellulose fibers under one roof. Only Lenzing is able to offer its customers this complete range of products at absolute top quality and with top service. 

In addition, with Tencel we have been able to expand our human resources to include experienced staff members and to reinforce our impact on the international fiber market.

Within only a few weeks, cooperation between the Lenzing Lyocell team and the Tencel staff led to measurable improvements of our productions results.

The new corporate structure, which we introduced in 2004, consists of business units that comprise several sites. In the course of integrating Tencel, this structure demonstrated its merits within the first year.

(More to come from 2004)

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