Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tencel in Lenzing Annual Reports (2005,2006)

Apart from photos of Naomi Campbell being replaced by, amongst others, Robert Smith and Dave Hoyland (see below) the 2005 Annual Report was notable for the paucity of anything worth extracting on lyocell or Tencel.

The revisionist definition of lyocell appears...
A novel fiber, developed by Lenzing, produced by an environmentally very 
sound solvent process. Its properties enable the design and production of new and innovative products. TENCEL® is the Lenzing brand for lyocell fibers.

...and the resolution to last year's cliff-hanger...
The Austrian cartel court approved the acquisition of the Tencel group at the beginning of April 2005. The approval was preceded by an agreement with Austrian cartel offices including several conditions and reservationsThe protracted proceedings, however, lead to a EUR 1.5 mill. fine for Lenzing, affecting the 2005 result. 

The 2006 report was less interesting with the usual Tencel puff and mention of R&D developing a non-fibrillating version for textiles - see also A100; Grimsby 1999

Robert Smith

David Hoyland in front

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