The Tencel Team 1979-98

Here's a roll-call of the team which developed the Tencel process in Courtaulds Research in Coventry UK.  

130 names so far (9/9/15).  Please add any missed out as a comment or email to

Alan Emerson,
Alan Heer,
Alan Jones,
Alan Owens,
Alan Sellars,
Andrew Banks,
Andrew Hudson,
Andy Hopkins, (Sadly passed away)
Andy Ingham,
Andrew Ronchetti,
Andy Slater,
Angela Lindsay, 
Anne Ronchetti,
Barrie March,
Barry Goddard,
Barry Veit, 
Bavinder Singh Rai,
Bob Morley,
Calvin Woodings,
Carl Davies,
Carole White, S
Cathy Smith, 
Chris Potter,
Chris Price,
Clive King,
Dave Bertram,
Dave Bridges,
David Cole,
David Edwards,
Dave Hignell (sadly passed away),
David Rudsdale (sadly passed away),
David Watson, 
Diane Horrocks,
Emma Steventon, 
Fred Blakemore,
Gary Gray,
Gavin Green, S
George Drahun, 
George Ross,
Gill Smith,
Glyn Raven,
Greg Dommett,
Helen Disley, S
Helen Morris,
Hiran Vegad
Iain Jack,
Ian Bruce,
Ian Graveson,
Ian Roughsedge,
Ivan Surtees,
Jackie McDonald,
Jan Robinson, S
Jane Nicol (Creamer),
Janet Corkhill,
Jim Gannon,
Jim James
Jim Taylor, S
Jo Hendry,
John Brothers,
John Cutts,
John Egan,
John Ferris,
John Parkinson,
Julie York,
Julie Redmond,
Karen Cooper, S
Keith Hawley
Karen Knight, S
Keith McFarlane,
Les Pearson, S
Lou Ivaniczewski,
Louise Goodman, S
Louise Pankhurst,
Malcolm Hayhurst,
Mark Jebson,
Mike Cox,
Mike Greathead,
Michael Kininmonth, S
Mike Perry,
Mike Quigley,
Mike Rantell,
Mike Richardson,
Mike Smith,
Mukesh Parekh,
Nicola Ruddock,
Nigel Briggs,
Pam Johnson,
Paul Goode,
Pat Stephenson,
Patricia Brownie,
Patrick White,
Pat Whittaker, S
Paul Probert,
Paul Smiles,
Pauline Chambers,
Penny Roberts,
Penny Thomas [nee Slowly],
Pete Glaubenstein,
Pete Laity,
Pete Dobson, S
Phil Newman,
Phil Pennicott,
Phil Robinson,
Phil Urwin,
Raj Singh,
R. Somanathan,
Richard Davis,
Roger Ibbett,
Ron Payne,
Ron Tuggey,
Ruth Alsop,
Sally Gorse, S
Sam French,
Sam Irwin (sadly passed away), S
Sam Mortimer,
Shahana Mirza,
Steve Lawrence,
Steve Maynard,
Steven Nicol,
Steve Parrot
Stewart Alsop 
Stuart Jones,
Stuart Morgan,
Suzanne Watkins,
Stuart Whitehouse,
Sue Taylor (sadly passed away),
Tantoh Shieh,
Tom Burrow, 
Usha Thakrar,


Click here for  a list of the Courtaulds personnel at the Mobile Tencel Plant Commissioning Party in December 1992

Click here for a photo of some of the Tencel Japan personnel at a reunion in Feb 2012 


Patrick White said...

Calvin, the number of people involved in Tencel research by the time the SL1 design started (1988) was large and by the 1990's was very large!! If I use the 1998 staff list I can list the following additional people - Alan Sellars, David Edwards, Phil Robinson,Ian Roughsedge, Mike Quigley, Alan Emerson, Malcolm Hayhurst, John Ferris, Gary Gray, Andrew Ronchetti, Anne Ronchetti, Phil Urwin, Richard Davis, Pauline Chambers, David Cole, John Brothers, Stuart Jones, Mike Smith, Jim Gannon, Les Pearson, Chris Potter, Jim Taylor, Pat Stephenson, Alan Owens, Ian Graveson, Phil Pennicott, George Ross, Steve Maynard,Ian Bruce,Steve Lawrence, Patricia Brownie,Phil Newman,Andy Ingham, Mark Jebson, Paul Probert, Shahana Mirza, Tom Burrow, Bob Morley,Mukesh Parekh, Mike Cox, Julie York, Dave Hignell, Andy Slater,Alan Heer, Greg Dommett, Janet Corkhill, Mike Richardson, Steven Nicol, Andrew Banks, Paul Smiles, Stuart Morgan, Stuart Whitehouse, Roger Ibbett, Nigel Briggs, Hiran Vegad Helan Morris, Jim James. Apologies to those I've missed - I'll try and find an earlier file to cover those who left!!

Patrick White said...

- the list does not include all the Spondon team - they occillated between resaerch and tech service. nor the robin thomas team who were moved to tech service earlier on

Pauline Chambers said...

And Sam Mortimer, Sue Taylor ( sadly passed away), Usha Thakrar, Julie Redmond, Jackie McDonald, Jeorg(?) Drahun

Nicola Bush said...

Here are a few from the SL2 era that did not make the 1998 list above. Nicola Ruddock (Me), Carl Davies, Clive King, Louise Pankhurst, George Drahun and there was one other female engineer on SL1 with Anne.

Iain Jack said...

The 'film' I referred to was the Tencel film pilot plant - our attempt to supplant Cellophane, ironically using a casting line which is believed to have started out life in Coventry in the 30's before being relocated to Bridgwater and then being repatriated in the late 80's to 101L/L. This of course ropes in another cohort of folk from Somerset into the story.

Calvin said...

I've added everyone so far to the list,

Helen Disley said...

Hi, I can add Karen Cooper, Carole White, Gavin Green, Sam Irwin (sadly no longer with us), Sally Gorse, Pat Whittaker and myself to the Spondon R&D crew

Alan Sellars said...

A few more names that come to mind are Pete Dobson, Lou Ivanishewski (spelling?), Andy Hopkins, David Watson, Barry Goddard, Alan Jones, Chris Price, Bavinder Singh Rai, Ron Tuggey, Fred Blakemore. There were of course all of the S25people including : Mike Turner, Neville Bluckert, Kevin Taylor, Penny Letts, Tina Willis (nee Boeters), Simon Anderson, Dave Lammin, Neil Croft, Charlie Buxton, Rob Till, Eddie Hanrahan... and many others (to be continued).

Alan Sellars said...

...not forgetting Pete Glaubenstein; used to work on Genesis in 101 LL in the early eighties.

Alan Sellars said...

.... Mike Rantell...

Alan Sellars said...

....Dave Bridges, Dave Bertram, Sue Johnson, Keith McFarlane, Diane Horrocks...

Alan Sellars said...

...Pam Johnson...not Sue Johnson (sorry Pam)...

Calvin said...

Thanks for all these additions Alan. Ill need to rethink the Team page! For now maybe Ill try add those working for Pat prior to 98. (maybe need Pats help here)

Anonymous said...

Some other names; Emma Steventon, Jane Nicol (Creamer) Angela Lindsay. RIP David Hignell

Paul Goode said...

Found this website today while trying to find out more about the Tencel bedlinen sold in Dunelm's! Myself and Mike Donnelly worked on cellulase treatments of Tencel when we worked together in Strategic R & T at 72 L/L. I'm still in touch with Mike (just!) via Facebook. Hope this counts for the "Roll Call" Regards, Paul Goode.

George Drahun said...

Hi Calvin,

I was made aware of this blog only a few days ago by someone whose name, like mine, appears in the list above. The blog brought back many memories and I'm able to add a few names to the list: Barry Veit, Cathy Smith, John Egan, Penny Thomas [nee Slowly], Mike Greathead, Ivan Surtees, Tantoh Shieh, Andrew Hudson, John Parkinson. David Rudsdale.

We also employed a succession of placement students. Although they were with us for just a year, many of them made positive contributions and two of them, their names are in the list above, rejoined after graduating. There was a small number of temporary contract chemical engineers, but none of them joined permanently. Let's also not forget the many engineers in Courtaulds Engineering, or CEL as it became, who contributed to the creation of the SL plants.

Calvin said...

Thanks George. I have updated the team list

louise Atkins said...

Louise Goodman worked with the spondon crew between 1993 and 1999 alongside Sally Gorse Pat Whittaker, Sam Irwin, Gavin Green, Helen Disley, Karen Cooper, Karen Knight, Jim Taylor, Jan Robinson, Les Pearson, Michael Kininmonth and more..

Calvin said...

Thanks Louise, I've added those not already on the list.

Anonymous said...

And me Jason Yorke with Andy Banks in 101 then Spondon. Tom Dovey and Hilda Coulsey also worked on Tencel in some way, rheology spinnerette design.


Ellen Cloete said...

I worked in Spondon R&D in about 1997 (I think), I was a doing my gap year before university. I loved every minute of placement and often think of everyone.
Ellen Cloete (Burscough)

Anonymous said...

Pat White may or may not now remember.... I worked on the degradation and MMO recovery process from 1981-84 at the University of Leeds, Department of Color Chemistry, from which I earned a Ph.D.

Chris Manning