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Papers and cuttings from papers collected during the development of Tencel in Courtaulds Research are being posted here regularly and filed in "Year" folders so that a grass-roots history of the development will emerge, gradually, on-line.  

If these posts prompt thoughts or recollections, anyone can add them as Comments, or by email to be added by
Current news about Tencel as it progresses under Lenzing will also be added.

Relevant photos always welcome!

Development of applications for Tencel was undertaken by numerous companies around the world and comments from these sources would be particularly valuable.

The Tabs under the Masthead are Pages,  ARTICLES being the Page where new Posts appear in the order they're posted.  This page contains practically all of the blog in groups of 5-10 posts and as you  scroll down to the end you see Older Posts at the bottom. A click here takes you to the next group of posts.

You can COMMENT on a Post by the slightly counter-intuitive process of clicking on "No Comments" at the bottom of each Post.  (If others have already commented, it will be "x Comments" where x is the number of comments so far. If the Comment box is visible, as it usually is on Pages - just start typing in the box.)

The CONTRIBUTORS page is where anyone can add a recollection of anything which might be of interest to readers as  a COMMENT in the box at the bottom of the page.  I'll convert some of these to posts and put them in a FOLDER as appropriate, and add your name to the list of Contributors at the top of the page.

PATENTS has been added to provide a list of links to Lyocell and Tencel Patents in the US Patent Database. 

The other pages (Introducing Tencel, Tencel Team, Aims etc) are self evident and like all pages they can be changed or extended easily.

The Right Hand Column contains various ways of accessing the posts that have "disappeared" from the Home page.

SEARCH for a word will take you to all the Posts containing that word.

FOLDERS contains a list of the folders in which the Posts are filed.  Every post is in a Year folder, and clicking on the Year brings up all the posts for that year, but as yet, not necessarily in date order.  The bigger the Year font, the more Posts the folder contains.

RECENT COMMENTS displays the start of any comments added to any Posts or Pages.  This is simply to alert the casual viewer to the last 6 comments which can be read in full by clicking on the comment heading.  (There's a minor bug: apostrophes and quotes which look fine in the Comment box don't display properly here)

MOST POPULAR displays a list of the Posts which have attracted the most hits in the last 7 days.

CONTENTS displays the headings of all the Posts on the blog in calendar order.  Click on the triangles next to "Year" or "Month" to display or hide the contents of that Year/month.


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